Inside abandoned pub with pint glasses half full that ‘looks like it’s waiting to open’

An urban explorer captured some eerie photos after stumbling into an abandoned pub that still had pint glasses half full sitting behind the bar.

The abandoned time-capsule pub was found by Dean Overthrow, 38, and the inside looks like a fully functioning pub that is still running today – complete with glasses half-full of lager lined up for non-existent punters to take away.

‘The Acton Arms’ in Bridgnorth, Shropshire serves as a dark glimpse of what the future of British pubs could be like if the economic carnage on the High Street continues, after many landlords have been forced to close their bars due to soaring energy bills and economic woes caused by inflation and the cost of living crisis.

After stepping foot into the abandoned pub – that has seemingly been immune to vandalism or disturbance – Dean says that this derelict pub remains his favourite by far.

The explorer, who is also a painter and a decorator, has had the chance to visit several abandoned pubs in the UK because of his work.

This abandoned pub in Bridgnorth retained the aura of an age gone by but still looked like a pub that was about to open its door for pint lovers in the evening.

Dean managed to sneak into the building through an open first floor building after numerous efforts of finding an entry point – only to have been confronted with corridors that webbed around him.

His efforts seemed then worth it after he discovered the kitchen area that had a fridge and some empty boxes lying around.

After walking around the abandoned boozer more, he came across the pump room where kegs were still set up to the pumps.

And then, to Dean’s great joy, he saw the amazing abandoned bar area which he described as having a spooky “element of mystery” to it.

Speaking about his discovery, Dean said: “There were still pint glasses under the pumps with lager inside.

“All the chairs and tables were stored in one corner of the room.

“There was lots of old paperwork dotted around on tables.

“The second bar area had all the seats still in place. They looked ready to be sat down on.”

He then continued saying that each part of the pub that stuck out to him as it felt like everything was laid out and waiting for customers to come in.

Urban explorer Dean continued saying: “Each table still had a wine bottle with a candle stick on the top.

“It was very strange seeing things still laid out.

“It looked like the pub was waiting to open.”

However, despite being wide-eyed about his discovery he said: “I can remember it being cold and very dark.”

He added: “There was almost an element of mystery.

“It was a strange feeling, but I was happy to have discovered this decaying pub.”

With pints predicted by some to be set to cost up to £20 a pint due to the cost of the living crisis, this abandoned pub stands as a harbinger of doom for British pubs.