‘My boyfriend and I spend more than £2,000 on each other at Xmas trolls hate it’

When it comes to Christmas, many people like to splash out on their loved ones and make sure they get exactly what they want on the big day. But one young couple has taken it to the extreme as they revealed they spend over £2,000 on each other each year.

Maddy, 22, and Connor, 23, both believe in spoiling each other during the festive period and don’t see a problem with forking out thousands. Last year, Maddy bought Connor more than forty presents, including an £800 trip to Amsterdam, alongside plenty of shoes, clothes, and his favourite sweets. Maddy’s not on her own, as Connor also goes ‘extra’ at Christmas and makes sure that his girlfriend’s stocking is overflowing with lavish gifts.

Instagram influencer and part-time support worker Maddy said: “I wasn’t gonna spend that much intentionally but I got a bit carried away. As you can imagine, he was buzzing with himself on Christmas morning.

“I’ve started Christmas shopping already for this year. I’m very organised but I’m a nightmare as I love shopping.

“Because I bought so much stuff for him last year, I don’t know what to get him this year. He’s got everything he needs. It will be hard to top.

“I will try and be a bit stricter, but I feel like I might get carried away again! It’s easily done at Christmas.

“For me, it’s okay to splash out on your significant other at Christmas, but I understand that some people have a different perspective. If you’ve got the money to spend, then I don’t see why not.”

Maddy recently shared a video on TikTok where she listed all the presents she bought for Connor last year.

She got him a pair of grey trainers for £60, a black pair of trainers for £70, a white training top for £30, a black training top for £2, a black duffel bag for £38, all made by Nike.

Maddy and Connor have been on again and off again for a few years but finally made their relationship official in October 2020, and now they enjoy spoiling each other.

They have faced negative comments on social media but Maddy deletes them whenever she sees them, and she can’t understand why trolls questioned why she would spend so much on each other as they’re ‘probably going to break up’.

She added: “I prefer to give people gifts rather than receive. I got him a hamper of so much stuff and probably spent around £2,000 in total.

“I got a few negative comments on my video but I did delete them as when it comes to social media, whenever I get hate or negative comments, I just delete them.

“I had a few comments from strangers asking why I would spend that much and that we’re probably going to break up but what do they know?

“The rest were mostly positive comments who thought it was sweet and really generous of me.”

Last year, Connor bought Maddy a luxury trip to Bali for Christmas and this year the pair are going to London for the weekend tovisit Winter Wonderland.

Alongside presents, Maddy also likes to go over the top with decorations and has already started shopping for this years Christmas ornaments.

She said: “This includes the decorations, the Christmas tree, the lights, just everything! I’ve bought a few bits from The Range already but I usually order stuff online.

“We love Christmas and can’t wait to celebrate again.”

Describing how she procured her huge haul last year, Maddy recalled: “I bought things as and when I saw them. I usually start my Christmas shopping in October and I got things over time so it didn’t seem too bad.

‘The holiday to Amsterdam was the main present but because we were going together, it didn’t seem like I was spending that much on him.

“We’ve been together for three years on and off, but officially a year and a half now. So we’ve known each other for a long time.

“I’m the one who loves buying presents but I do receive gifts. He spent roughly the same on me last year. I don’t have a big family, it’s mainly just me and him. I think that’s why we go a bit extra!”

Connor also spent a similar amount of money on Maddy by treating her to a luxurious holiday to Bali for Christmas which the pair went on in August.

Maddy added: “He booked us to go to Bali – that was my Christmas present. We went in August and it was amazing.

“I’ve got a small family so I feel it’s OK to splash out on your significant other. But some people have a different perspective of things.

“If’ you’ve got the money to spend, I don’t see why not. We usually book activities to do together – like I booked his Amsterdam trip and he bought the Bali trip.

“We would have only booked that together anyway so it’s a nice surprise.”

The other presents Maddy bought for Connor last year are…

Protein hamper box – £24.99
FITHUT water bottle – £13.99
Fascial gun – £35
Nike cushioned socks x3 – £15
French Connection boxers x14 – £30
Asos boxers x 3 – £13
River island PJs – £24.99
Asos men’s slippers – £20
Personalised dressing gown – £30
Three-day holiday to Amsterdam – £800
Passport holder – £10
Harvey Nichols Havana club rum of Skepta – £90
Dead Man’s Finger rum cracker selection – £30
Trespass hiking boots – £45.99
Calvin Klein white sliders – £30

Asos black sliders – £16
French connection pack of five tops – £30
Jack Jones hat, scarf and gloves set – £20
Bluetooth shower speaker – £20
Versace mini aftershaves x4 – £25
Ralph Lauren leather wallet and card case gift set – £85
Personalised wallet photo – £15
Bucket list notebook – £10
Asos men’s beard grooming set – £20
Active stylus (pen for laptop) – £30
Starbucks cup – £15
Revolution facemasks x5 – £6
Hugo Boss handmade men’s candle – £20
Megabass stereo speaker – £20
Lynx gift set – £14
Cadbury hazelnut creme hearts – £5
Randoms – £1
Revels – £1.50
You’re one in a million, million sweets – £4
Monster energy drinks x4 – £5
Costa coffee caramel latte drinks – £5