Sonic Frontiers cut dialogue suggests he may love Amy after all

Cut dialogue from Sonic Frontiers suggests that Sonic might have feelings for Amy all along.

Amy was first introduced to the series in Sonic The Hedgehog CD as a love interest, but their relationship was always implied to be unrequited. Sonic is far too busy going really fast to have a relationship.

But YouTuber Faz Faz has discovered unused dialogue in the game’s files in which Sonic ponders their relationship, spotted by TheGamer.

Some lines suggest how worried Sonic is about finding Amy, which could just be him looking to help a friend.

In one line, though, he daydreams about showing Amy certain areas because “she’ll love it”, while in another he wishes the two of them were “sharing an umbrella”.

Later he admits: “Amy… I should’ve made up my mind sooner.” It’s as if he should’ve professed his love before she was captured at the start of the game.

Fans have long believed the two were in love, but this is the closest we’ve come to an admittance of feelings from Sonic himself.

Other unused lines suggest the story may have seen Sonic losing his memory. Minor story spoilers follow.

As Sonic rescues his friends in each world, he absorbs some of the red energy that imprisoned them. Unused dialogue suggests this may have caused memory loss.

“Hard to focus… gotta keep going”, says Sonic. “I know I’m moving… I can’t feel it!” he continues. “I’m so cold now… numb.”

Later he says “My name is… my name is?”, suggesting he’s forgotten himself and his friends.

It seems this story may have been scrapped during development, but the lines still exist in the game.

The game’s director Morio Kishimoto has said that the game is a “global playtest” and is “not quite there yet”, so expect further updates and tweaks in future.